Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Anna & Gary's Wedding: October 9, 2011/ 1705 Prime, Raleigh, NC

Fall 2011 was a busy time for weddings!  So much has occurred over the past few months that it will take a few blogs to cover all of the exciting changes and news.  The business is growing and I have been so pleased with all of the events that were such a great success this summer and fall.  With a bit of downtime to occur in December, I will be posting more blogs.

This was such a lovely fall wedding at 1705 Prime.  Thank you to Lauren Mann, photographer, for always being so prompt with getting me her fabulous images. 
 I love the fern curl accents in the bouquet and the boutonniere.

 One of my favorite boutonnieres!
 The lanterns lining the walk give a subtle touch of glow.

 Centerpieces were simple: a trio of cylinders with floating candles and rose petals.

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