Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flower of the Week: Hyacinth

The lovely and eternal early spring bloomer: Hyacinth. 
Hyacinthus orientalis (HY-ah-SINTH-us    or-ee-en-TAY-lis)
Meanings: Playful,  Young Love and Loveliness 
Availability: January, February, March & April
Characteristics: Clusters of 1"-2" star shaped flowers form a rounded spike on 6"-8" stems
Colors: White, lavender, light blue, dark blue, purple, lavender, pinks peach and yellow
Lasting: 3-7 days as a cut flower
Special Interest: Fragrant
Uses: Bouquets, short centerpieces, stems submerged in water or floating blooms.
 A simple bouquet, perfect for bridesmaids or flower girls.  Either a mix of colors or a single color works well.  The leaves/ foliage of the hyacinth is a nice add for the bouquet...a touch of spring green that compliments the blues and purple and the light green ribbon wrap.
A mix bouquet for a Spring Bride.  This bouquet showcases a garden style of spring blooms that includes blue hyacinths, white tulips, and plum sweet peas.
Love Pink?  Try the deep pinks of the hyacinths on its own for a stunning bouquet.  Antique Pink Roses are a soft counter-balance to the rich color and texture of the hyacinth.

A low glass bowl filled with spring flowers gives the centerpice a casual but elegant appearance.  Bright Pink Hyacinths mixed with pink tulips, light pink roses, sweet peas and touches of greenery are randomly overlapped in the bowl.  The added votives and light pink rose petal scatter fill the table with a soft glow.
A simple solution for centerpieces?  Try just 1-2 stems of hyacinths in a glass cylinder or cube.  Contemporary yet classic.
Cool colors not your thing?  Warm it up with sunny Yellow or Peach Hyacinths.  I love the "sunset" affect of these flowers.  A range of colors is evident in the blooms as the flowers open.

A bouquet of Yellow Hyacinths, yellow tulips, yellow mini callas and daffodils is the epitome of spring.  Pair this bright yellow bouquet with a simple white tulip bouquet and your wedding will fill the day with pure sunshine.

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  1. It is like me playful!! And you Young Love and Loveliness you you..Thanks for the flower of the week..
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