Thursday, February 17, 2011

Renne & Dave's Fall Wedding Reception, November 2010

                                                      Lanterns hung from shepherd hooks line the
                                                     brick walk of 1705 Prime venue.  This is a
                                                     great look no matter what month the
                                                     wedding is planned.
                                                         Manzanita branches with hanging glass votives...
                                                         adds a perfect glow to the dining room.
                                            I love 1705 Prime's hostess stand/ entry foyer. 
                                            A perfect space for lots of visual items and height.

                                          A bit more of that "Rock & Fall" combined theme...pumpkins,
                                        gourds, leaves and custom made table markers made out
                                         of 45 records.

                                           A nice lasting impression of a great night and a wonderful
                                           wedding event.

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