Monday, March 7, 2011

Flower of the Week: Ranunculus

Ranunculus asiaticus
Availablity: January, February, March, April & October, November
Colors: White, Pink, Magenta, Purple, Red, Burgundy, Peach, Orange & Yellow
Characteristics: Bowl-shaped 1"-4" flowers with many papery petals atop
10"-15" hollow stems. 
Lasting quality/ Cut Flower: 3-7 days
Floral Form: Mass or as accents
Meaning: Radiant Charm
Ranunculus: funky name/ fabulous flower.  Similar in style to a peony (but much smaller), the ranunculus is fragrant and delicate.  Use it in bouquets as a filler or make a stylish boutonniere. 
This flower comes in many colors but always check for the availability before making it your wedding flower.  The tenderness of the blooms (think delicate tissue paper) can cause it to be a bit finicky.  Therefore, I ALWAYS order more of it to make sure the flowers are perfect. 

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