Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kim & Chris' Wedding, October 9, 2010

 You can dream up any color combination you want for a wedding but nothing rings truer than a white and green scheme.  Perfect any time of the year, the colors are cool, crisp, simple and elegant.  I had quite a few weddings in 2010 that used these colors but I have to say this was one of my favorites.  I am not sure if it was the flowers, the setting/ venue (Crenshaw Hall in Wake Forest, NC) or the perfect fall day but all of the elements came together with great harmony.  So many thank you's to Kim & Chris for sharing these photos and to Wake Forest Portrait Shoppe for capturing the beauty of the event. 
 Dendrobium Orchids hold the rings...great photo opportunity!
 The white & green colors "pop" against the black bridesmaids' dresses. 
Pure elegance.
 I love this close-up of the flowers.  The bridesmaids' bouquets flowers included green fugi mums, green baby hydrangeas, cream gerbers and lush greenery.
 This was big family affair!  The three flower girls had bouquets similar to the bridesmaids' bouquets.
 The groomsmen had boutonnieres of light green cymbidium orchids with a simple leaf accent.  Perfect styling to compliment the black and green tux combination.
 Kim could be a model...her subtle smile is sweet and romantic.  Kim's bouquet consisted of green roses, white mini callas, white dendrobium orchid stems and fresh greenery.  One of my personal favorites!  A friend of mine in Florida is waiting to get married and she told me this will be HER are the best, Wendy.
 The setting at Crenshaw Hall is just right for a fall outdoor wedding.  The gleaming white arch/ altar, bright green grass/ plants and the cobalt blue sky were AMAZING.

 Love was in the air and the sun was shining so brightly that the groom had to wear his "shades" to cut the glare.  Kim "toughed" it out and she just glowed from her happiness.
 Sleek and refined.  The bouquet with its soft flowers contrasted nicely in this photo against the rough brick.  Nice photo!

 The close-up of the bouquet is so great.  One can really see and appreciate the colors and textures of the flowers.  I am not always a fan of roses but I do love these green roses...WOW!
 Oh, how I love when a photographer captures a moment like this!  Yes, the flowers ARE real and yes, the flowers smell FABULOUS.
The flowers were absolutely perfect, Julie!  Thank you so much for your hard work and your creative touches.  Love, Kim & Chris

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